Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Joe Wilson's Wife Leak: Was it our Boy?

The blogs are so hot with stories about James Guckert/Jeff Gannon it's a startling phenomenon. Imagine all those investigative reporters doing their leg work while seated in front of their computers and cracking the story open before Peter Jennings could get his first coat of make-up on! You must've gone pretty damn far down the google list if you happened to discover this blog!

The Bush administration's most Nixonesque scandal is the outing of former ambassador, Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, as a covert CIA agent. Now it looks like stooge-boy reporter Guckert/Gannon may have had been involved, having posed a question to Wilson about his wife in an interview in October 2003.

The Plame trouble started earlier, however, when Bob Novak, actually one large eyebrow with a small man attached (god's gift to caricaturists), reported it in his column that Wilson's wife was a spy, blowing her cover and putting her, and her contacts, in danger. An investigation has been underway for months but all the principals have denied having made the leak.

I say this was Nixonesque because it was just so nasty and vindictive, done to punish Wilson for writing about Bush's bogus Saddam-Niger-uranium claim, and because the information was obviously leaked by somebody at the top of the administration and now it's just like Tricky Dick's cover-up. Somebody is lying.

Gore Vidal said not too long after it came out that the Valerie Plame affair may be the undoing of the Bush administration, not because it's the worst thing they've done, just because it's the most media-friendly, easy to chew, and, uh, Watergateable.


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