Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What Does the President Mean?

Ever since the coronation in Washington, which I couldn't hear due to my ear infections, the pundits are unraveling spaghetti trying to find meaning in the President's speech. Freedom mentioned thirty times per second, what does it mean? Pundits and journalists! They're eager to infuse meaning into the scraps Bush throws us, and who can blame them. But, as Bush has shown so many times before, what he says in a speech means less than nothing. It's tempting to say that he means the opposite of what he says (healthy forests, clear skies, no child left behind, I refer you to my cartoon on the subject) but I don't think it would actually prove any more enlightening. One must approach a Bush speech as though he had presented you with a cake-- frosted in frilly, creamy, sugary icing, several inches thick, with cornices and balustrades, so sweet and distracting but not providing any evidence that an actual cake exists beneath. That's the sad value of a Dubya speech, and now we have the State of the Union to look forward to. Will come up with another "Axis of Evil?"

By the way I, attended the Axis of Evil 9-11 State of the Union address three years ago. Well, not actually in person like Ahmed Chalabi, but I was across the street at the Hinkley Hilton watching it in the bar with the delegates of the UAW political "CAP council" Convention, but that's a another story.

Anyway, don't listen to the speech. Mute it. Try to read his eyes. Let them eat cake!


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