Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Here's Some Work for an Eager Cartoonist

The US Army needs a few good comic book artists to help them break the back of the Iraqi insurgency. Yep, not only has the military discovered that action-packed superhero TV commercials are good for signing up gullible and testosterone-laden eighteen-year-olds, but that comics can also persuade middle east insurgents to lay down their weapons, and make future generations of Arab boys identify with musclebound men in tights rather than bomb-detonating suicide martyrs.

"Win the Mind -- Win the Day." That's the slogan of the "Psy-ops warriors" otherwise known as the 4th Psychological Operations Group. I recommend that you guardsmen, reservists, and ruled-against conscientous objectors who can pencil or ink in the Marvel style, ask to be assigned to the comic book unit at Fort Bragg. While normally I can't condone it, in this case, I think fluffing-up your portfolio a little would not be unethical.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, lord. icky. ew. icky, ick, ick. this is almost as bad as the job i didn't take yesterday. it's like doing work for SATAN. allow me to share:

Hi Michael!

I design for a small Christian teen girls’ magazine through Focus on the Family.  Our website is: www.briomag.com.

Would you be interested in doing a quarter-page illustration for our 16-19-year-old audience?  I’ve attached a word document with the story.  I’m prepared to give you $xxx.  

I really like the idea of how your characters’ setting sort of seeps into them, if that makes any sense at all.  Just let me know if you are or aren’t interested, and we can talk details.  Thanks!!


Hi ---,

much as I'd love to take the job, I must decline. I went to your website and, being a curious gay man, did a search for "homosexuality".

I came back with this:



I'd love to work with you sometime, but I couldn't disagree more with the views expressed here.

All best, Michael

4:04 PM  

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