Friday, July 29, 2005

Introducing Licensing Mega-Sensation, Lil Hoes

Inspired by the recent crop of lip-enhanced, pre-teen girl characters, flaunting hot little bodies and trashy, skin-tight outfits, Lloyd Dangle filled a sketchbook with "concepts" that disturbed his friends, but ultimately developed into the fluffy, fleshy, femdoll licensing mega-sensation for 2005––Lil Hoes!

Until now, licensors and manufacturers have skated right up to the line, but Lil Hoes are the first and only female action characters to identify themselves as actual prostitutes! They work street corners, they advertise on the internet, they use pagers for what they were actually intended for, and they hang out in a mod penthouse apartment rented for them by Maurice (sold separately).

The potential for accessorizing Lil Hoes is virtually endless; not only in fabric and molded plastic, clothes, shoes, hair extensions, and jewelry, but also in a "ho-specific" line of products, consisting of cosmetics, prophylactics, miniature intravenous drug works, and straight razors. Contact Lloyd Dangle for information on licensing this hot property.


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