Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Agony of Waiting

I'm trembling like a tot on Christmas morning waiting for those damn indictments! Every day I pick up the morning paper looking for that tall, ultra-bold headline––CHENEY INDICTED! Here it is Wednesday and still nothing. Come on, Fitzgerald, you're killing me!

The president is reportedly skulking around the white house cussin', kickin' the dog, sighin' real loud, and chewin' out his s'bordinates. Why'd all this stuff have to happen 'n' ruin mah presidency? Now I know how the people of my sister's generation must've felt as the noose closed in ever-so-slowly around Nixon's sweaty neck (my parents were solid Nixon people, my dad even wore a 5-o-clock shadow for the entire year of 1970 in support). Presently it feels to me like the first thaw, the last day of school, it's just so wonderful to imagine that any day now Dubya's fall could rapidly accelerate.

I'm still worried, though. Justice's hopes are pinned on the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, who is, I read somewhere today, "uncorruptable, just like Elliot Ness," referring to the guy who put Al Capone away on tax evasion (in case you missed the movie). Fitzgerald, they say, is dogged, disciplined, and determined to do what's right with neither fear nor favor toward anyone. He sounds too good to be true. I hope not, because we've been let down too many times before by weasley commissions, whitewash investigations, the media, and those tigers, the Democrats. I'm not sure the republic could take another wimp out.

It'll all be about the framing. Will Fitzgerald in the end come out treating it as a teeny little case about loose lips in the white house saying things that barely crossed the line? That would be a major, major, but familiar, disappointment. Remember, Kenneth Starr was investigating a $15,000 Clinton real estate deal when the smoking gun came in the shape of Monica's smoking lips. The jesuit school boy had no problem diverting his investigation down the road of oral sex. Far less of a detour would be required in the current case to crack the whole White House Iraq Group's (WHIG) conspiracy for war wide open––and take every one of them down. Will Fitzgerald take it big? God, I hope so. I hear he's trying to get his website live in time to post the indictments. We know how that can be. Damn, that means it could take till Monday to indict those suckers and work out the html problems.


Blogger Doogman said...

'...Monica's smoking lips..."


My mind's eye is watering.

ps - that animated gif drawing on the homepage is just damn scary. But don't change it on my account. No, really, it's fine. ::shudder::twitch::

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Fitzy just opened up another Grand Jury. Cheney still has the possiblility of an orange jump suit yet. Are you fired up, Mr. Dangle?

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I SAID - Fitzy is convening another Grand Jury. Your comments PLEASE, Mr. Dangle . . .

1:51 PM  
Blogger rone said...

Consider this a nudge to update us on what's new and such. Maybe add an RSS feed to troubletown.com that lets us know when a new strip is available. I salute your work, as always.

12:39 PM  

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