Tuesday, March 21, 2006

That Recent Surge in Violence

Doesn't it seem like every report out of Iraq refers to a "recent surge in violence?" Have you ever heard anybody say, "There's a nice lull in violence in Baghdad today."? Well, EarlG at Democratic Underground.com had the idea to dig up all the reports of recent surges in violence and list them. Check it out. It turns out there have been about forty surges of violence, at least one a month since Shock 'n' Awe began.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Dangle,
thanks for the link re: "recent surge of violence". It's really great. Also, Ted Rall didn't bite at this one, but I thought maybe you would. I've been having this image that's been inspiring me and making me laugh lately (yes I make myself laugh) and it has to do with G.Bush attending a mandatory speaking event at a conference for people with tourette's syndrome. I'm sure there would be at least a couple of them that would have that "cursing" tic or "telling the truth out loud" tic. This would be a dream come true as finally people could tell Bush to his face all the things I've wanted to and he would just have to accept it gracefully. You know like: "please give a warm welcome to our great presiden...WAR CRIMINAL!...sorry. our great president...LIAR!..." ETC. you get the idea. I'm not a cartoonist, but this should definately be public. Please God, let this happen-- the actual situation, I mean. And let their be much cursing and verbal abuse. Please God. this is all I ask for this year.

Alex Rediger
Iowa City, IA

5:09 PM  

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