Thursday, March 09, 2006

Troubletown Least-Hated in Vermont!

Cartoonist Matt Bors hipped me to this: Seven Days newspaper in Burlington, Vermont had a contest to see which were the readers' most-hated cartoons. Whoever loses, or, I mean, wins (most-hated) will be axed. This is what it's like to be a cartoonist, people, always on the plank with a sword in your back, no railings, no life preserver, just shark infested water below! You're a little off one week and WHACK! How many times have you felt that way in your job and muddled through? Uh-uh, not for us.

But gripes aside, it turned out that Troubletown came in dead last, least-hated, most loved! (Mr. Bors and I actually tied for that honor). So, what can I say? it's gratifying to know when you're appreciated by your readers, it really warms the cockles. But the kicker: Seven Days already axed Troubletown last October, citing the need to "freshen things up."

Vermonters who want to spout off about it, send a letter to Seven Days.


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