Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sex of the Newt

One thing that is pretty funny about the presidential race here with twenty months to go before the election, is Newt Gingrinch's early admission of shameful infidelity, the horny old bastard adulterously banging a slice on the side during the witchhunt of President Clinton. Tell me, how does the big apple-headed rightwing twit get so much pooosy? Every time one of his wives gets cancer or has a nervous breakdown, ol' Newt is already two steps ahead of her––his hat hanging on the bedpost of another young ingenue! Bill Clinton's behavior looks charmingly naive and innocent by comparison. You'll remember his famous quote (paraphrased from memory here) "I had always been just a fat kid in big-boy jeans until I became president, and then––goll-eee! I could have any woman I wanted!" He was just a fat kid just lookin' to get a little attention. I don't know, Newt probably had a pair of those jeans too. He used to be a campus nerd with coke-bottle glasses and mutton chops. I guess I can sort of see how girls might feel sorry for him...

But what's funny is that the moral scold starts out twenty months before the election outing himself as a lecherous creep so that the voters will be innoculated over the long, grinding campaign. He's betting even the most righteous christians will be as gullible as the broken-hearted women along the Gingrich trail of tears.

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