Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ten Minute Activist

Hey, I illustrated a cool book that's out on the shelves called, The Ten Minute Activist. Written by The Mission Collective, it's full little items describing things you can do in your normal day to help slow the planet's demise, reverse tiny bits of evil, and even interfere with humanity's inexorable march toward extinction (if you care about those sorts of things).

It's entertaining and timely! I say, go buy the book today.

The book is lavishly illustrated throughout by yours truly. Here are some samples:

Biological agent hand soap: Bad

Tampon applicators: Bad

Bookworms: Heroic

Here's something you might enjoy if you're into books, design, and the inner-workings of the publishing industry. The red cover with my illustrations (right) was the original, but the marketing people at Avalon
Books felt the cartoons were "too flip" considering the serious nature of the editorial content. Never mind the illustrations on the inside. The cover they went with is the green one (top) with the planet Earth looking like Saturn with a golden ring around it––except that standing on the ring are one-hundred-million mile-tall letters spelling the title. Was it the right decision? I don't know––but hey, just because Airborne sells $200 million worth of product a year––doesn't mean a book with Dangle cartoons on it will. It's okay with me. You know my motto: Ours is not to question why; ours is but to do or die.


Blogger sean said...

Your cover is a lot flippin' better.

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