Monday, June 25, 2007

Bisbort Praises TTYS!

Alan Bisbort gives Troubletown Told You So a killer review on his Hartford Advocate blog:

...Dangle’s faux naïve style actually disguises a master at caricature. No one gets the simpleton Bush Cowboy like Dangle—the key is to be just as simple as he is while drawing him; thus, Dangle’s Bush renderings are spot-on. Likewise, his Coulter caricature is a masterpiece of fright, worthy of Daumier or Goya.

Read the rest.

Oh no, he's uncovered my secret! While you're at it, Blogbort is a funny read too, check how he had the goods on Cheney way back in 2000. Of course he had to publish it in Canada since the has a US blackout on all relevant news here.


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