Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brisk Traffic

People, this is the first time anyone has ever blogged live from the Licensing Show and everybody wants to know about it! I just had my 11am book signing...One woman asked me to sign one of my cards because she didn't want to buy a book. To Andy. I had a guy from Shanghai sitting here trying to make a multi-million dollar deal on inflatable products. Not sex toys...swimming pools, beach balls...but the woman kept interrupting. You did a terrible job signing this card! Sign it on the front so he can frame it! She wouldn't stop complaining!

There's a lot of traffic today and it's all about Asia. I am definitely going to have to learn Mandarin if I'm going to stay in this business.

Character alert: I saw a plush Lysol can walking around. Also some animal character with a flat head that was poorly weighted. It was flopping to the side. I have no idea what it was supposed to be. Also that little zip code character the post office used to use is a licensable character now. He's walking around.

Airborne fans told me that there are now stuffed animals that are germs. Her daughter got gonorrhea and the clap.


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