Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Bunny

Happy Bunny is here, the famous licensing phenomenon created by JT Benton. It's like the Airborne of rude-cute animal characters that are now on gazillions of T-shirts, mugs, and greeting cards. The fastest-selling bunny in retail history, I believe. Ilise Benun sent a link to the Wall Street Journal article on the guy. (He's also fantastic at getting press). Happy Bunny became licensed through an agency called CopCorp. CopCorp, if you're reading my blog, come see my stuff in booth 1878! We need to tawk.

With apologies to Happy Bunny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lloyd- You crack me up! Great to see you on the first day. Looks like you're having a great show! The Bona-Fide folks are outnumbering the others! Hey you outta chat up Mr.Happy Bunny to get the scoop. He's actually very nice. Yep, you and Cop Corp gotta "tawk". Have fun and make big wheel deals today!

8:56 AM  

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