Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Live Blogging Day 2

You may be asking yourself, what's going on here at TrouBLOGtown? Well, it so happens that I am blogging LIVE from the International Licensing show, inside the Javits Center in New York, on my $29.99 wireless connection. This is the first online event of its kind ever; TrouBLOGtown is again on the cutting edge.

My impressions so far today: These fuzzy characters should be washed occasionally. I just saw Spongebob's sidekick, Patrick. Pink fabric really shows dirt.

The big corporate displays are vegas-style attractions. Flashy architectural sets with flatscreens blasting visual diarrhea in every direction, complete with meeting rooms (sometimes even including hallways with doors leading to small offices) and curving, undulating walls with licensable properties papered over every inch. I'm doing the same goddamn thing on a 10X10 scale. Displaying art at a show like this is like billboard advertising. You have to grab the corporate eye as they speed past.

Somewhere nearby there are some spokesmodels doing an amplified demonstration of some kind, they keep purring and giggling...These hidden stimuli are the ones that really wear you down. The other day when I was setting up, someone had an amplified female voice going, "Pssst!" which would repeat every minute or so. That is like the tactics used at Guantanamo!

Yesterday I told you about the Sony Pictures exhibit, a romanesque (think Caesar's Palace) town square with enormous meatballs raining own from the black duct-laden Javits ceiling. They could be great horse turds falling, except the huge cable-thick linguine noodles identify them as what they're supposed to be. Sony's big movie for 2008, "Help, it's Raining Meatballs."


Blogger Unknown said...

this is great, Lloyd. loving every description and every drawing. you really need to be on the daily show!

8:33 AM  
Blogger michael said...

water! drink water! wish i was there with ye, mister. i could stand in front of your booth shirtless or something.

yes, like at an a & f store.

kidding. i'm kidding. the sight of my pigeon chest (populated by a myriad of grey hairs) would not be doing you (or your customers) any favors.

thanks for the cool blog entries! hang in there!


9:21 AM  

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