Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Taking Care of Elvis Business

Elvis and Muhammad Ali are owned by a company called CKX, who also licenses American Idol. This year's Elvis booth competes with those from the biggest entertainment companies. The design is quite amazing, with flying butresses and intersecting planes everywhere. It's probably larger than Graceland, which is actually a quite modest house. I remember when Robert Sillerman acquired the Elvis estate. He vowed to take the King way beyond black velvet paintings and belt buckles. I think some major Elvis exposure is on the horizon.

I must go over there and do a proper sketch, these are from memory.

You have to admit, owning a dead man is a little morbid, but there's a lot of dead person licensing going on here. John Wayne has a big ass display too. But what about Muhammad Ali? He's not even dead!
What the Elvis attraction really needs, is a pair of gyrating hips and legs. This could easily be achieved. Also a plush Elvis head to walk the show floor...


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