Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heartless and Evil?

Thank goodness I'm starting off September on the right foot. By featuring a president Bush so demoralized over his dog resigning and his daughter becoming pregnant out of wedlock that he is temped to drink a bottle of bourbon, I have enraged the caring-for-recovering-alcoholic community. Typical is this response from Joseph Thinn of Featherville, Illinois:

Hello Lloyd~

Would you write something like this about anyone else who was a recovering alcoholic?

Didn't think so.....

Pretty heartless of you.

Hope you repent one day.

~Joseph Thinn

Thank you, Joseph, you're a good man. Actual recovering alcoholics know that the temptation is always there, and so might recognize the truth in the cartoon, but still, perhaps I have crossed the line.

I'd love to hear from others of you on this topic if you can still stand to read this blog after what I've done.


Blogger michael said...

dear lloyd,

how *could* you? how dare you criticize, even in jest, the man who is leading this perfect country towards prosperity, equality, and justice? this great leader - this great MAN - deserves our undying respect. actually - scratch that - he deserves our *dying* respect.

bottoms up!


3:31 PM  
Blogger Matt Bors said...

I wonder why joeseph is so upset? I bet it's cause he's a recovering drunk and you are supposed to do cross country mind reading and not mock him with your cartoon bottle of booze.

People behave like this. If their brother has cephologic sarcoma then any cartoon on the subject is a travesty and shoulf be met with Danish cartoon style riots.

9:28 PM  

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