Thursday, October 11, 2007

Food Safety

No luck on finding a place to cool my heels at Barbara Lee's office. They were at capacity with cheerful interns working away at every desk. I introduced myself as a constituent and Scott, Nicole, and another young woman who excused herself, tended to the voter being as friendly as possible.

After asking them to thank Rep. Lee for being the only decent representative in either body, except for John Conyers,
well, okay, my favorite, I left, shuffled along those endless hallways with all the flags posted next to everyone's doorways, and posters with faces of all the dead soldiers from the particular representative's states. If you peek into a Republican's office invariably there is a photograph of the time that that god-fearing person shook hands with Ronald Reagan.

A long line of suits and lobbyist-plastic fembots were arranged against the wall, so I got in line. It was for a hearing on food safety, and all the recalls of meat, and spinach, and hot tub sealant (which makes an excellent cream cheese substitute as long as you don't breathe the fumes), and, invariably...China. Those bastards!


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