Thursday, October 11, 2007

Live From Washington

Oh boy, Things are happening fast. The copyright conference is going on in the Cannon Office Building Caucus Room. I made it through security with my little scanner, laptop, a bunch of pens and Airbornes, a Wacom tablet, etc.

Chairman Conyers spoke for ten minutes about copyright and his trips to China. An author gave an incomprehensible speech about the lacrosse rape case and the book he's writing.

Highlights of my "speech:"

Hello, my name is Lloyd Dangle. I am considered to be the Issac Hayes of cartooning. Pause. Nobody laughed! I felt like Fred Thompson, "could I have some applause please."
I'm actually blogging here in the corner of the room on an unused podium. I better get out of here and scan elsewhere where I can find a connection. Sketches in an hour.


Blogger michael said...

So are you saying you're a Scientologist?


11:26 AM  

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