Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ask Doctor Bush

Here's a thing I did for Internet Sexuality Information Services (ISIS) for their Sex Tech Conference held recently in San Francisco. It was a series of cartoons of "Dr. Bush, the Abstinence Doctor," being asked questions from kids confused by the bullshit abstinence-only sex education they have been receiving in school. Some abstinence-only education actually tells kids things like that they have a higher risk of cancer if they have an abortion, and that condoms will not protect you from AIDS.

The twist to the slide show is that the audience gets to text-message their own punchlines and watch them automatically appear in the word balloon! Don't ask me how it works, but it opens up funny possibilities. Look at some of the ones they came up with.

Does abortion really have side effects?
Huckabee getting elected.

Will using condoms affect my health?
It certainly affects the right side.
(I don't really get that one.)

Do condoms work?
If only my dad wore one!

The cartoons were supposed to be projected onto the side of San Francisco's Flood Building. Hopefully next time it won't be rained out. Hey, maybe I oughta do that for my Election Nite Party in November! Details to be announced.


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Sheer Awesomeness!

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