Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dig the New Design

Hey, check it out--Troubletown-Dot-Com is now up-to-date with a smokin' new design that reflects the changing nature of the internet and features all the gadgets and widgets you love: Feeds, Diggs, Streams, Facebook (brand new to us 40-something downwardly-mobile scruppies), Tags, Nogs, Meta-skanks, Perma-squibbs, Hoo-hoos, Trojos, and Tweets. Don't forget to click the orange arrow in the right column to go to the cartoon viewer and marvel at the comics and all the buttons and fancy doo-dads.

The design is the work of Rotodesign's Pat Broderick. This guy is an amazing genius, and his morbid, anti-social sense of humor fits perfectly here at Troubletown. I recommend him to anybody who can afford the best.

Another change you notice is that I'll be blogging all the f@#%ing time. You'll love it. I've vowed to resist doing any editing. Pure, free-association. It'll be just like screwing off the top of my head and letting it all pour out. Exactly the way everybody else does it.


Blogger Jen Sorensen said...

I think you forgot Smurfits and Pooters!

9:38 AM  

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