Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Troubletown Election Nite Party!

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Event just added! The Troubletown Election Nite Party and Art Show is on! Why spend the night biting your nails by yourself when you can be biting and squirming along with your friends in front of a giant screen and a cheap drink, free food, Pabst Blue Ribbon, cartoons on the wall, an "interactive" election map, photos with the candidates, and other silly antics!

The Riptide is a hipster hangout way out on Taraval Street by the beach. Thanks to my pal, Jeff Grubler for setting it all up. The location is essential: after Obama's victory speech everyone can run down the beach frolicking, naked bodies mingling in the icy surf, or, if that's not your thing you can watch the Daily Show and Colbert with me until the bar closes. On the other hand, if McCain does manage to steal all the swing states we can collectively drown our sorrows in the Pacific Ocean.

Tuesday, November 4, 6:30 pm on
The Riptide
3639 Taraval Street (@ 47th Avenue) San Francisco

The L Taraval runs all night


Blogger Unknown said...

I hope they've got a lot of booze in that place, 'cuz either way, we're gonna need every last drop. Will be there to party w/ Troubletown and friends. Am a 20-year fan, myself. Cheers, Lloyd. Looking forward to it.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dangle:

c ya there.


1:23 PM  

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