Friday, November 21, 2008

Election Nite Pics

The Riptide is way the #@%& out by the beach in San Francisco, but people came up from the peninsula, Oakland, and all over. It has that old salty dog flavor that bars all over the Mission and South of Market used to have when I first moved to San Francisco, but have now been completely replaced by luxury lofts and french bistros. It's the kind of place where you'd be happy to drink a beer after being released from fifteen years in the joint. A perfect ending to my grandiose "20 Years of Troubletown" world tour!

I was mashed against the wall for two hours and couldn't even get to my books to try to hawk them. Thankfully the cookies and dry salty crackers were on hand so that people could attach them to the interactive election map.

The moose let out an audible cheer when Sarah Palin was defeated, which was creepy since it's been dead since sometime in the 1890's.

(Pic: Dorothy Reinhardt)

Me in front of the map before any of the chocolate-dipped Madeleines and salty crackers were added.

Here's Jeff Grubler, my pal at the Riptide who set everything up, and is famous for his hilarious street protests at the Republican Convention and other activism and coolness. Go out to the Riptide the next time you're out by the beach and have a beer. Thanks Jeff!

The liberal media was there: Thanks Indy Media, Golden Gate X Press, and the SF Chronicle, even though the Chron writer didn't bother to mention Troubletown in his piece! And Dorothy Reinhardt!


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Th cookies and crackers idea is hilArious! best, AMcLn

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