Sunday, April 26, 2009

96 Days of Obama Wrap Up

This is the historic day folks, 96 days of our first black president, our first president since FDR to govern during a depression and more than one war going badly, the first president since before George W. Bush not to be a mental midget who can barely tie his shoes. Thanks to everyone who entered the Troubletown 96 Days sweepstakes drawing, and congrats to Donald, the winner of a historic commemorative sketch (providing he claims his prize and emails his mailing address!)

The Troubletown survey of America was carefully tallied and gives us the real pulse of the people, here's a recap:

Obama is nice because he admits when he makes mistakes, and that's refreshing. Michelle is awesome and slamming in her physical appearance, and more people are into her than are into the president, which is cool.

Obama made some boner moves, like when he gave those DVD's to England's Prime Minister, and when he got his picture taken at the G-20 with Berlusconi and Medvedev looking like the Three Stooges. He also shouldn't have compared his bowling with the Special Olympics. I know because I shouldn't have used the word "retarded" with that guy on Facebook either, he was super offended, so I can relate. Some Americans even find Obama's boner moves endearing, but they are in what we call the Obama Infatuated Fringe, OIF, and you can't take their opinions too seriously.

With the surface, cosmetic stuff, his handsomeness and eloquence, etc., the American people are generally impressed, but his grades slip considerably when it comes to "real" stuff like changing Bush's most egregious policies, torture and secrecy. I totally agree with America! I also think Michelle is hot. My fans are very astute. And of course he gets a standing ovation for telling Cheney to fuck off, if indeed he did. There was only one obnoxious comment from a conservative but it didn't make a damn bit of sense.

About half of America failed to comprehend the instructions to the 96 Days of Obama drawing, so instead of "leaving a comment" they apologized for not being able to "be there," as though it was something where you had to be physically present in my studio. It wasn't. That would've been impractical. But hey, that's America, just a big, friendly puppy who's not all that bright, and we love America!

I'll tell you one thing that bugs me, America. I keep hearing people say that Obama is too cool for school, and that cartoonists are having an impossible time finding the jokes, figuring out how to make fun of him. That's bbbuuuooollsheeeeeit! Obama is funny. His ears are funny. His clipped-off Chicago accent is funny. Da Bears! Da Bears! His eyebrows are funny. His half-black side is funny. His half-white side is funny. There's going to be laughter aplenty, my friends. A-Plenty. Stay with Troubletown.


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