Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scrappers Makes a Funny

Last week I was in Palm Springs watching my son swim for seven hours a day and going on a serious fattening-food-eating binge. Fifty-one weeks out of the year the newspaper syndication thing goes off with no problem, but it never fails that when I leave the office for a day something goes wrong. Look at this thing the Portland Mercury ran last week:

"Scrappers" is the art director, Justin Morrison, and you can see he poked fun at me for missing my deadline, which didn't really happen. I sent him his cartoon link at 8am Tuesday morning instead of 10am, all the other papers got it, but Scrappers was having a problem with his email. Besides, I have a fail-safe backup for all my papers that allows them to access the files even if they fail to receive my email with the link––if only they would bother to read the memo!

In case it's not apparent, the words miss and deadline appearing together in the same sentence are anathema and a very serious accusation to a cartoonist. It does not happen here, my friends; it would violate my code. So that's the only thing that got my hackles up, but I dare not complain since there are only two newspapers in world that still run a goddamn cartoon.


Blogger A J Cowitt said...

Oh, that is *so* Scrappers not to have read the memo. He was probably busy growing his beard or carving wood. Maybe you can send him a custom cartoon next month about how he should have known about your backup plan.

2:04 PM  
Blogger Brian McFadden said...

Can you slip me the contact info for the other paper?

Comics on the east coast have been eliminated to make space for lists making fun of unattractive celebrities/politicians.

4:16 PM  

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