Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boing Boing Nails Me Again

Airborne controversy has once again surfaced. Boing Boing discovered that the packaging has changed slightly! Readers here know that Dangle has been accused of deceiving America with my scientific renderings of germs on the boxes of Airborne. Some Americans were supposedly tricked by Airborne's lying package into believing that Airborne cures colds. I have maintained that Airborne does obliterate the exact germs pictured (but there are so many different kinds out there), and defied anyone to prove that it does not. I have also suggested that looking at the cartoons may prevent cancer.

I was asked to make the alterations to the box, but I have no knowledge why. Mine is not to wonder why, mine is but to do or die! Nobody mentioned that there's also a new "quality seal" on the box that looks like the America's Most Wanted logo. I actually designed a funky, friendly version that wasn't used. Anyway, hats off to the perceptive Mark Frauenfelder and the commentators over there at Boing Boing. It goes to show what you might discover if you have lots of time on your hands.


Blogger PooBahSpiel said...

I take airborne with me every time I travel, and I have yet to be bothered by the pesky germs displayed on the old box. Thank you Airborne!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Uncle Samurai said...

Hey Loyd...nice one here. I need to fly more often, I guess.
Anyway, it was nice meeting you at koko's the other night at Jasons film screening with Karthik...


10:11 PM  

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