Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surtex Day One

Well, the horses are out of the gate folks. Surtex day one is history. So many nice art buyers and fans! To be honest, I was a little cranky about this event, just wasn't up for it. But now I'm jazzed! More later. I'm starving, but there's free food at this party I paid $65 to attend. Plus it's stationery people, who are just as exciting as the furverts are at comics conventions. It's cold as hell. I'm wearing my sports jacket for warmth only.


Blogger Joe VDB said...

Ah, Surtex, I miss it! It IS exciting... all those colors and patterns and presentation-booths just make everything seem so POSSIBLE!
Yes, I will buy 50 variations on a theme of clowns chasing christmas trees in tropical settings!

4:21 PM  
Anonymous pete Friedrich said...

they swear its going to warm up, but if it does does that mean we'll loose the "shiver" in your line??

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Robin P said...

Ah Loyd, part of me is silly happy I'm not there, another part is missing your scintillating wit and charm. At least I can live it vicariously through your blog! Eat a Dunkin Donut for me. Hope the show is a big success for you.

9:52 AM  

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