Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Licensing Show Liveblog

Bakugan took all the big awards at the LIMA (pronounced lemur) awards ceremony last night which is nice because it's something that I know about since my son and his pals play and gamble with those little fucking things like fiends. I'm sitting here in the Licensing Show watching the corporate suits lining up across the way making deals with Dr. Krinkles. Krinkles are two young guys who design characters of the type that you frequently see as vinyl toys, but these are kind of monstrous. They have eyes that look swollen shut and otherwise remind me of the ghoulish characters from Nightmare Before Christmas. One Krinkle introduced himself by saying he met me at a comics convention. He was in diapers at the time.

Next booth over is the God's Hearts people. God's Heart is the word "God" squeezed into a heart shape and made in gold, titanium, and various other materials including that chrome plastic you stick on the back of your car next to the Jesus fish. Sam from God's Heart made a couple of big deals at the show and he's happy. He likes to rub it in, too.

I long ago learned never to sneer at the work your neighboring booths because the more schlocky it may seem to my snobby sensibilities the more it is likely to sell like gangbusters. One funny thing that happened earlier was a tall blonde giving off licensee vibes walked past and looked into my booth. When I tried to engage her, she said, "We make automotive accessories, your stuff isn't right for us." Fair enough, but then she and her partner went over to Dr. Krinkles and spent a half hour talking with them about their little Frankenstein zombie cuties. I guess we'll all be seeing them soon as headlights or mudflaps or spinning rims. On GM cars.

4:03. Only another godforsaken hour of this.


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