Thursday, June 04, 2009

LIcensing Day Three

Man, there's nobody at the Licensing Show today. An enormous tumbleweed just blew past my exhibitor booth. Where is everybody? This is the part of the show where the exhibitors stand around jawboning with each other and commiserating over the sorry traffic flow. We just discovered that Sam's cousin, the actress Alicia Silverstone, is a friend of Gomez Bueno's. So Sam was very excited to have Gomez pass along a note, because Gomez is likely to see her at a party on Saturday in Malibu. Hmmm...Such a small world! Gomez is friends with lots of famous people. Whoosh! There goes another tumbleweed. I decided that it might liven up the booth to put some candy in my bowl today instead of the Airborne samples. Switch things up a bit. Now I'm just wolfing down chocolate like a mental patient.

Today I'm getting some important work done as I sit here immobilized. I picked up copies of the License Global Show Daily. I'm going through the magazine finding every powerful licensing word I can, like turbo, cutie, moxie, pixie, epoxy, etc. Next I'm jumbling them together to make up new brands. I figure this is as good a way as any to discover the next gigantic licensing sensation. I mean Lazytown, Balloonatiks, Rainbow Brite, Babymouse, Hukjam Gummies, Winx, Waybuloo, and Fancy Nancy are big licensing news today. I can come up with stuff like that! Sketches to follow.


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