Sunday, June 07, 2009

Licensing Expo Sketch Dump

Day two with those two damn spotlight beams converging on my eyeballs.

My sketchbook ran out so I had to go in search of a new one. The best I could do was one with lines and, of course, branded with Bambi.

Dr. Krinkles with some serious animated TV show suits.

Bits of overheard discussion

Tacos and Tequila ads showed two girls with unbuttoned ultra-short jean cutoffs, which could possibly lead some people to wonder about the pubic hair content in the food. Just a thought.

Dr. Krinkles tried to institute a no photo- graphy policy in their booth after they had a couple of Chinese manu- facturers trying to shoot pictures of their characters.

Carrot Top performed at the Luxor. I never knew he was a comedian, I thought he was just a guy with red hair. Well, you learn something new when in Vegas.

Vegas mugs and finally mugs in the Vegas airport.


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