Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's Sketch: Mahmoud and Bambi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

spectacular image. Ahmedinajad with a Bambi pin on his collar. IRAN has the absolute right to nuclear weapons - sorry folks - at lest as much right as Israel, which in any case denies having an illegal nuclear program and weapons for decades that worries far more of Iran's neighbors than Ahmedinajad's language. It is BECAUSE they are all so afraid - for good reason - of what Israel could do (would do and has done) that the reactionary language appears. all said and done, they may just have elected him because they also see what he gives them on the world stage - something people throwing up peace signs can't ... the power to resist imperialist agressors who occupy neighborig countries on either side of IRAN. Think about it, if you lived in Iran and saw iraq and Afghanistan, the two countries on either side of you ilegally invaded and occupied - millions of civilian deaths - all accomplished under the eye of the UN Security Council, wouldn you want the head of your country to be a weakling or a strong man? hmmmm. me? I think we need some perspective: Russia is a strong ally of Iran. They sold 250 SAMMs and anti-aircraft and subs and all that TO Ahmedinajad. Iran is a world power. time to humbly stand down. Bush was never elected - fake/Florida/Rove scheme in 2000 and total b.s. victory using machines and bullying of Ohioans in 2004 ... way less likely legitimate than a Ahmedinajad victory.

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