Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hilarity at Value Voters Conference

This is a hilarious video of jerky reporters and curmudgeonly old farts squared off in battle against each other. Anybody who's ever played ball in the park across the street from cranky old Mr. Johnson and had him come out and yell at you to stop making so much noise can relate to this. These old farts are plenty peeved that this reported is interrupting their chance to hear Alan Keyes or Ralph Reed or some other "values" blowhard. On the other hand you've got this pompous blow-dried reporter from MSNBC who thinks that his little TV segment is god's gift to humanity, and that the world should just bend over backwards for him and his credentialed press organization.You can't help wanting to inflict some violence on him and the anchor lady back in the studio. My favorite part is when he says, "Please don't touch the microphone," as the seven-foot-tall senior citizen is about to cold cock him.


Anonymous Lex said...

It's like a collision of parallel universes. Cordoned off into their own brainwash zone, I suppose people will believe anything. But then another spurious paradigm butts in, and the cognitive dissonance starts to throw sparks! But these uber-conservative jackals are talking about the Democrats and "Thugocracy?" Yow! I'm spiraling into a rabbit hole of paradoxes, now!

2:02 PM  

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