Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This Week's Troubletown Cartoon: Pardon My French


Last week I took a break from Troubletown and here I am back with a fresh one! Jeez, do you think I'll lose papers for this? I'll bet I do. You know, family newspapers. Oh well, sometimes you've just gotta let some expletives fly, y'know? Like this Van Jones incident, man it pisses me off that Obama would let Glenn Beck set the agenda for him on anything. I was just listening to Obama's indoctrination speech for school kids. He's suggesting that they wash their hands and read books. Boy, that's going to piss off the conservatives. You know there's communist fluoride in the water they'll be washing with. Here's an article on the top ten Obama conspiracy theories, including that he's going to require white men to get circumcised!


Anonymous lex said...

dangle, you read my mind! if only the smarmy-a** bunch of sell-outs in the white house would GET the message!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Matt Clark said...

You took the four five and six letter expletives right out of my mouth! Thank you!!!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous weez said...

Van Jones also accused the Booshies of being involved in the 9/11 plot. While that doesn't hold a candle to the 3000 horsepower loopery coming from the impotent mongs in the GOP over healthcare, it's still loopery and Obama doesn't need any loops on staff.

Still, even Jones' 9/11 nonsense is something that should have been dealt with via a quiet word and perhaps an apology from Jones, not sacking the guy.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Mr. Goldblog said...

You watching too much of THE WIRE, try GENERATION KILL, soldiers saying 'c#$ks^^ng fa@@$t' after every noun.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weez, As far as I can tell, this is the petition in question: http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20041026093059633 There is nothing in it that seems to explicitly state Bush/Cheney involvement. It is a list of questions unanswered by the Senate inquiry and a request for further investigation. It seems like the conspiracy angle comes more out of how the petition was framed after it was complete. If it was stand alone you could certainly sign this petition without thinking you were buying into conspiracy plots.

But even if he was right on board with the truthers, what should that matter? He is being hired for his expertise on green jobs. This purging of people for not being utterly 'pure' in their patriotism/jingoism is nonsense.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous emm tee kay said...

nice one Dangle ..

I like how last week's and this week's were self-portraiture of you 15 years ago and today. Instead of chewing our nails hoping you don't get dropped by any papers I wish we could just jimmy you into Huffington Post, TruthDig, Common dreams and Alternet - all of which are just riddled with weak, hand-wringing elders (Boomers and above) who have TRAINED themselves for 35 years to knuckle under if a republican throws as much as a feather at them and to REACT to everything they say, rather than RESPOND. There are more reasoned responses here at your site than ANYwhere in the DemoParty. That old school "progressive left" needs a kick in the pants. Keep providing it. Cheney called Nick Lehman an asshole during the campaign and he and Bush and Rove used WAY worse words against eve their own McCain ... Skull and Bones frat brother John Kerry ... wtf? Obama needs to tell Hillary and Bill and the richass F.O.B.s to sit down and shut up and needs to grasp the steering wheel and drive ... he's got this beotch on cruise control, dancin' with Michelle in the white house sippin Chandon' "We in da whiiite House, We in the White House" WAKE UP!!!!!

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly. Their lack of effectiveness would be funny if it wasn't so bad for our country.

At least with Bush they didn't try to act like good guys. Obama goes and sweet-talks everyone and then just ends up shilling for whatever corporate interest is at the front of the line.

Disappointing doesn't even cover it...

10:41 AM  

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