Thursday, December 03, 2009

12 Things that can Cause a Small Business to Fail

1. Someone who hates you curses your small business using a failure voodoo hex

2. You hire family to help run your small business but you’re from a family of morons

3. A rich brat with family money, you start a small business on a lark

4. You fail to bribe the proper corrupt local politicians and they shut down your small business for safety violations

5. You open a burrito joint in the same block as five others, you’re not Mexican, and your cooking sucks

6. You start a technology company because you’re a screwball garage tinkerer

7. You incorrectly perceive yourself as being a person with great entrepreneurial instincts

8. Local Asian street gangs offer to provide protection for your small business but you opt out

9. You're a cartoonist and you think newspapers are a growth industry

10. Everything you touch results in an e. coli breakout

11. A meteor strikes

12. You love your small business so much that you fail realize that your products have zero appeal to anyone else in the world


Blogger Sherm said...

If some of those "business authors" can create bestsellers out of 48-page fluff-books, you oughtta have a raging bestseller if you publish these (like 1 per page) Great stuff!

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Ofazomi said...

If only I knew that ten years ago... wait, er, um yeah. Yeah!

3:39 PM  

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