Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Week's Cartoon: Why the Hell Are We Talking About Them?



Anonymous mtk said...

another classic, Dangle. I really do feel the MEDIA is the worst culprit in all of this. and right behind them I blame the academy - butt-licking stooges with no critical thought the news media, and these academics who LONG to be pundits? horrifying.

The politicans are bought by corporations so they behave exactly as dictated. the media? they're the worst ... suck ups, time wasters, newstainment of the most idiotic sort. thanks for calling them out.

also, when you didn't post it for a full day I went into conniption fits - fuel for the idea we discussed. i musta checked your site a thousand times yesterday.

4:20 PM  
Blogger A.P. Ferrara said...

Exactly Lloyd! I also get so worked up because no one said anything like that when I was out on the streets protesting the Bush Selection and Inauguration; the Bombing of Afghanistan and The Iraq War. Hundreds of Thousands of People - Millions of People were there with me. These fucking teabaggers stole The Art of Protest from us.

Also, they obviously don't understand the contemporary use of the word 'teabagging.' Ha-ha on them!

By the by - nice Wisconsin reference in there, brother!


7:27 PM  
Anonymous Norman Wilson said...

Is it intentional that the Tea Partiers in the second panel appear to have no clothes? Emperors all, perhaps?

5:32 PM  

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