Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today's Sketches and Campfire Stories

I was art directed on this one by a half dozen eight-year-old boys.

This dude, Scott, told a story about camping in Yosemite. They were out in the back country in a huge meadow with nobody around. When they came back from a day hike they discovered that someone had come and put up a tent ten feet from theirs, even though there was plenty of room elsewhere.

After Scott's party saw how lamely the newbies strung up their food, they decided, "Shit, we'd better move."

So they pulled up stakes and went way across the field and set up camp there. Sure enough, the next morning the interlopers' gear and supplies were spread all over in a sixty foot circumference around their tent.

Scott told them, "We have some extra food if you need it."

They said, "No thanks, the rest of us should be coming along in a little while. They'll have plenty of food."

"The rest of you?"

"Yeah, it's our class. We're backpack instructors."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We did a group backpacking trip to Yosemite back the 70's, even then the bears were smart. We counter balanced our food on a line, were visited but didn't lose anything. One of the other teams from our school hung their food but tied it off at ground level - one swipe of a paw and the bear had a week's worth of food for 6 people. Fortunately we were over-loaded, so we lightened our load and they were able to keep going.
These days we use bear canisters, both for the food and the garbage, and we keep the food more than 50 feet away from the tents. Bears make an amusing "Humph!" snort when they are frustrated, at least it is amusing when they decide to leave and don't come looking for stuff in your tent.

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