Friday, April 16, 2010

Victoria Jackson Tea Party Anthem

I watched this yesterday and couldn't stop thinking about it. It's very funny and by funny I mean peculiar. Victoria Jackson's not an unfunny comedian, it's good that the right finally has one, Dennis Miller and Chuck Norris notwithstanding because Dennis Miller just sucks, and Norris is only funny in his early movies when he voice sounds lispy and gay and then he goes downhill. She sang this at a big tea party rally and it's become their anthem, which is perfect.

She sings this blistering indictment of our president in a timorous, ditzy voice, which is her shtick I guess, but it's perfect. It captures the insecurity of the teabag movement and the powerless feeling they have that they are "squeaking like mice" and nobody but Hannity gets it or "understands history." True, the first part, no matter how much airtime they get on Keith Olbermann.

Then I love it the way she goes through the whole paranoid litany of reasons why Obama is a communist, Reverend Wright, Acorn, etc., and, all compiled together, it's hilarious! Why didn't Media Matters or TPM do that? Is that weak stuff all they can come up with? And come on guys, you believe it?

So then I started thinking that she's making fun of the teabaggers and they don't know it, except that I don't really believe that's true. I'm just so tired of teabaggers and hearing about tea parties. Blah, blah, blah. I think we should call them either "Delusionaries" or the "Delusia Movement." Anything but tea party! I'm so sick of hearing about it! Can you come up with some better names we can plug in instead?


Blogger Norm Knott said...

It was difficult to ,and impossible for me, to listen to the entire piece... not that it was necessary.
I certainly hope Victoria becomes a spokesperson for the Teabaggers...then they'll REALLY be taken seriously.
As for a new name for these folks, famous cartoonist Carol Tyler referred to them as Liptonaires.
So, there's something to let seep for awhile.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Norm Knott said...

My mistake. Ms. Tyler called them "Liptonians". So, I guess I dubbed them "Liptonaires".
Altho the most fitting epithet would be "Racists".

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Gus Snarp said...

A different name is definitely in order. I was looking at a local events calendar and there was a children's event called the something or other tea party. It was just a nice little tea party for children, you know, like little girls have with their dolls, but with people instead, but now whenever anyone reads the title of the event they immediately think of the Liptonians. Little girls need their tea parties back, and Liptonians might possess a little more dignity if they weren't associated with children's games.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Gus Snarp said...

OK, I sat through it. Surely she's making fun of them right? She can't be serious. If she is, I would point out that if everyone else thinks you are crazy except the crazy guy on TV, maybe they're right. Also, the "maybe I'm just idiotic" line? Yeah, that's the answer.

8:49 AM  

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