Sunday, June 06, 2010

No Dangle on Deadline Show this Week!

I won't be in the studio doing my much loved (by at least two people) show this week. Right now I'm in San Diego, just did a great gig with Passionfish, an organization that hosted a forum on sustainable seafood, aquaculture, and all issues oceanic. I graphically recorded, or Dangle-tooned their meeting on the beach at the Del Coronado. It was amazing and I learned tons about the ocean and the tasty morsels that swim in it. Needless to say I ate and drank wine until I collapsed into a sweaty drunken heap at the Marriott. Next I'm going to Las Vegas for the International Licensing Show. I have my scanner, mi-fi, laptop, sketchbooks, and brush pens. I'm like a traveling publishing house. I'm like a human space satellite. Cartoons and live Vegas blogging to follow.


Blogger Cindy Morefield said...

Thanks for the heads up, Lloyd. I love that you're taking the live cartooning on the road - very cool. Have a blast!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Patti Parisi said...

Thank you for your fin-tastic artwork at the Passionfish ocean issue forum!!

You were definitely the hit of the event. People loved it!!!


8:37 PM  

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