Monday, August 23, 2010

Dangle Will Draw for You

Yes, I am starting a new career! I am reinventing myself. And no, it's not as a tattoo artist, although I think it'd be fun and I'd be good at it.

In a way, everything I've done in my life has led me to this. Twenty years of drawing comics, synthesizing complex ideas with words and pictures, and almost ten years working in union organizing, strategic planning, and organizational development.

My new thing is making visuals for companies and organizations to aid in their planning, brainstorming, and decision making. It's called graphic recording or graphic facilitation. I studied it at the famous Grove in San Francisco and I've got a few professional gigs under my belt.

The thing I need now is clients. If you are a facilitator or organizational development guru, or someone whose company has lots of boring, ineffective meetings that could benefit from visual problem solving, I'm looking to partner with you. Or, if you know somebody like that, please think of me!

Here's a chart I did for a Camp Wellstone activist training


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope it's in addition to our regular dosages of TROUBLETOWN!

6:20 PM  
Anonymous The Nerger said...

I saw a photo of your work for Wellstone Action in their latest newsletter, although they apparently forgot to give you credit!

9:08 AM  

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