Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekly Dose of Dangle

Hey, I’m going to try writing one weekly blog post. Sound feasible? I don’t know. I’m inspired by my friend Mark Monlux who writes the “Weekly Dose of Mark,” which is fan-freaking-tastic. I’d be lucky if mine was half as good.

I’ve been lazing around the house drinking and watching the Giants games. I feel like a man. When I was a kid I could talk intelligently about the Detroit Tigers to the golfers at the pro shop where I worked, my job was microwaving chili dogs and other pre-packaged sandwiches, but for the past twenty years or so I couldn't care less about games of any kind. The Giants have reawakened my inner sports fan...

Hae and I are going to dress up for Halloween as John and Yoko. The twist: Hae’s going to be John and I’m going to be Yoko.

I performed a Sly and Snide slideshow to an intimate (small) audience at the Art Institute of California on Wednesday. Some of my jokes went over as flat as tortillas which I attributed to the age disparity between me and my audience––which was huge because I am so goddamn old. They just didn’t get the jokes. There were a couple graybeards in the back row that were cracking up though. Art students: I worry about them, the poor lambs.

My cartoon this week provoked angry and snide reactions from a certain population of readers. The tea partier readers are very insulted when I draw them with googly eyes and looking crazy. They are serious people! They seem to buy the idea that Obama is leading us in some real leftist, socialist direction, which he’s not. He’s the most cautious, conciliatory, genuflecting politician ever.

More doings: I’m going to be interviewed on a podcast called Current Geek on Friday at 4pm. But I’m taking a break from my show, Drinking and Inking. I should probably start posting those videos on the blog. And workwise I have a top secret whiteboard animation project I’m going to film next week. Corporate work!

Not to bum everybody out in my first Weekly Dose, but I’m in the midst of a death cluster. My favorite aunt died along with two other relatives in one week. They were all old and their time was due. A friend bought the farm riding a motorcycle whose time was far from due. Two friends’ moms died. And now I just found out that comics legend Don Donahue who published the first Zap comic also died. He wrote the introduction to a book I edited once and I used to see him all the time when he lived with my friend Bruce Hilvitz. That’s when all the Bay Area cartoonists used to hang together and have wild parties. Don was always present (a lot of them were at his house) and he and I would often stand in the corner talking and feeling uncomfortable together. Hae is sending out all the sympathy cards which so far amount to eight. I hope this brings the death streak to an end. RIP.

Movies: six Mad Men episodes (I’m way behind) and The Queen.

I voted absentee.


Blogger j_rosencrantz said...

I like this.

1:50 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Keep going with the weekly blog thing. It has potential!

Also, you should post a link to the Monlux weekly blog, because I couldn't find it. Because I'm dumb, probably, but still. Help us dumb people out!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Lloyd Dangle said...

You're not dumb, John. Monlux sends out his weekly dose as an e-newsletter--though it should be a blog. I didn't make that clear.

8:48 AM  

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