Thursday, November 25, 2010

This Week's Dose of Dangle

The cleanse is over. It wasn’t too bad eating coconut milk and vegetables all week, I made Tom Ka Gai and a potato curry; Hae made turnip soup, nut milk, breakfast porridge, kelp noodles, and all sorts of weird stuff. She read the cleanse listserve to find out how everybody's elimination was going. Halfway through the week I started to crave a disgusting heart-choking pizza. Then I walked past the burger place on Piedmont Avenue, smelled the charred beef smoke belching out onto the street and was halfway tempted to walk in. The other half was tempted to throw up. After the cleanse we spent a night up in Calistoga and submerged ourselves in a hot mineral pool. Yes, life is pretty good. Oscar built ships out of floaty recliners and noodles. Then we ate some fried chicken.

Geoffie Update

I was making a joke last week about my old pal Geoffie wanting to start a nightclub in Detroit, but it turns out he really does want to start one but in Ann Arbor, and he plans to call it “Blue Boots.” He wants me to draw fifty pictures of cowboy boots right away for starters––and be part of his art team. The real estate agent warned Geoff that a Hooters-type establishment will not do well in Ann Arbor but Geoff is determined to have some scantily clad females working the bar. I don’t know if he thinks it’s a wise business decision or if he just wants to be around scantily clad babes. He’s putting together an investor package right now to build the money pyramid. It all sounds very legit and very tempting to believe. Geoffie’s 50th birthday is in December and he demands that I come to Michigan. I would love to see Geoffie and my old hometown, but I’m loathe to travel and leave my family––unless it’s a paying gig or maybe a Sly and Snide Slideshow.

Death to My Shows
With sadness I killed my Internet shows “Dangle on Deadline” and “Drinking and Inking” this week after rigorously and religiously producing them for a year. It was lonely drawing my comic strip at 5 am Monday without the viewers on the chat board supporting me, and Fridays just won’t be the same without the weekly alcohol-infused sketchapalooza, but I just can’t hang with Ustream anymore, it sucks so bad. It’s sad because my viewers, all four of them, are so loyal and sweet. It’s not the number of viewers that counts, it’s the commitment.

I've Got Some Work

Whiteboard animation is all the rage these days. You’ve seen them on YouTube or on the UPS commercials. Some dude stands there and draws on a dry erase board while the camera captures it. They’re a fad, but while they’re popular I’m trying to cash in as fast as I can. On Wednesday I drew for one for a corporate client at a studio in San Francisco with a real professional crew, lighting, sandbags, the whole thing. I pre drew all the illustrations, which was the hard part, and then had to recreate them with the camera rolling. It was a long day. Afterward my hand was achy and my shoulder was knotted. I’m not a young man. I need to go back up to Calistoga and get a massage.

A Dangle Thanksgiving
I ordered a natural young free range turkey from Ver Brugge and Hae had to go wait in line for it for a half hour. All the Berkeley natural folks were buying their hormone-free birds. She brought it home in a box and since there wasn’t room in the fridge (still too much squash and nut milk left over from our cleanse) she left it on the back deck. I imagined a pack of raccoons discovering it so I placed it inside a cooler. Then I dreamed last night that I looked inside the cooler in the morning and all that was there was an empty box. Thanksgiving ruined!

Saw Mega Mind in 3D, liked it, Ray, liked it, Judgement at Nuremberg, incredible, and Inherit the Wind, loved it. It’s obvious that all movies should be 3D, even Judgement at Nuremberg.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hey, I know you probably pay no heed to rude comments and gibes about your California-style health routines, but I feel that my prior kidding to you about your cleanse was uncalled for and thoughtless. Hence, I apologize. Strange as it might sound, my change of heart was brought on by the very pizza that I was bragging about in my previous comment. The last piece of which I discovered in the back of my fridge and brought with me to work. And ate, without warming up, after it had sat in my work bag for several hours at room temperature. Yes, that very pizza, which I had used to deride your pursuit of a cleanse, brought forth in me my own, involuntary, day-long digestive cleanse several hours after I ate it. And while I was in the throes of my cleanse, I remembered my words of mockery directed at you. And yes, I regretted them. I have been duly chastened. Woe to those who mock the gods of clean tracts, digestive or otherwise.

11:53 AM  

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