Friday, November 05, 2010

Two-face Obama an Affront to Whitey

Some lowly uncredited Photoshopper at AP-CBS News is catching flack for this photo-cartoon today. The picture of Obama with a weird scar down the middle of his face, looking mocha on one side and bleached and honkified on the other is being called racist.

Right wingers at Newsbusters said:
As one can see, the darker Obama is on the left with the Democrats, and the lighter Obama is on the right with the Republicans.

Are CBS and AP not so subtly implying the GOP are all white?
Seems like someone at AP and CBS has some splainin' to do.

You see, this image is clearly racist toward white people! No doubt ACORN or the New Black Panthers are behind it.


Anonymous PlebisPower said...

I think you mean, "Com-mu-ni-ty Orrr-ga-ni-zeeers!"

9:51 PM  

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