Thursday, January 13, 2011

New NRA Statistic That's Good News

Four out of ten gun owners don't hunt or shoot them at all. Their guns are only a sexual fetish.


Blogger Arkonbey said...

I was just talking to a hunter friend of mine and was saying the same thing.

I'm also a gun-owner, btw. But, I believe that if you own more than three firearms you're a fetishist. Why would you need more than three? for example: A large-game gun, an upland/waterfowl piece and a 'fun gun' like a pistol or a .22 rifle.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Sigmund said...

Shame, shame on me. I'm not a gun lover - especially, I'm not a big fun of people who have guns, saying "It's our right to bear arms" or "I need to protect my family", or even "I'll shoot my dinner, it's always cheaper than buying my food at Wal-mart". But... But I love the design of some weapons, their mechanisms. Rifles, especially. Some of them are real pieces of work, a beautiful work, as if, being well aware of their purpose, their maker had tried to make Death beautiful, and even desirable.
Psychologists often define perversion as the fact of relating, consciously or not, sexuality to an object that isn't normally related to it. It can be a child, an animal, a shoe... Why not a gun ?

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Rheinrd said...

I am a tool ownwer btw. But I believe that if you own more than three tools you are a fetishist. Why would anyone require a ball-peen hammer when one already has a framing hammer, much less a screwdriver. All sarcasm aside, "right tool for the right job". I don't shoot skeet with the same gun as I take to the trap range but both are shotgun sports. I would not hunt a white tail deer with the same firearm as used to take an elk. Much the same, I have a large salad bowl and a soup tureen (which I have never used... making me a tureen fetishist as well I guess). As far as the non-gun lover, you don't have to be fan as long you recognize it is our collective right to bear arms and that it is your individual imperative to protect and provide for your family (btw, currently; free range, hormone free, lean venison, collected and processed by the individual hunter is a whole hell of a lot more expensive than shopping at Walmart). Use a golf club for all I care but take care of yourself and your own family.(Be sure to compare the dangers of owning a golf club as compared to a to a firearm - especially around children - btw, why would anyone need anything other than a 3 wood and a putter? I never use the 4 iron but I like its lines - guess I'm a golf club fetishist as well)

12:43 AM  

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