Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Dose of Dangle

Deer in Somebody's Headlights a Little to Your Left

Everything is falling apart at our house. It's been eleven years since we re-did the kitchen and the appliances are all going. We had the Sears guy out to look at the dishwasher and he charged us $149 to tell us it was shot. A plumber came out to look at the tankless water heater. Both need to be replaced. Recently we had to replace the toilet. There’s a list of house repairs on our refrigerator as long as my arm and growing by the day. We put on a new roof recently, which cost a fortune, now we have to decide where to sink our money next. Sometimes I wish we had a characterless ‘80s tract home in Manteca. It’s bad timing too because Hae’s major client disappeared. I might have to get off my ass and make some money.

Life in California has been gorgeous though. We’re having a spell of summer right in the middle of winter, in fact it’s nicer now than it was anytime between last June through August. The flowers are starting to come up. Nature is confused. We’ve been out hiking and taking bike rides in the hills. There was mud everywhere and my bike tires are the smooth kind made for roads, so I was fishtailing all over and almost went off the steep cliff on the side of the trail. Oscar and Hae ride bikes the same way they ski, fast and fearless, while I pull up the rear being cautious, hands on the brakes, trying not to get killed. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m exercising a lot or anything. I’m still ninety percent sedentary.

We went to Tilden Park on Sunday and afterwards took Oscar out to the place called Oscar’s where he had a burger. Hae and I watched him eat. The semi-vegetarian lifestyle is suiting us fine. We’re shedding pounds and looking fabulous.

Despite feeling great, or perhaps because of it, I skipped out on my deadline and ran a classic Troubletown cartoon this week. I don’t do it often but once in a while it’s necessary to take the week off.

It's been another week of making proposals and chasing a dollar like a rat on a wheel. All of the projects I have hanging out there are going to come through at once, I know it, and then I will be backed up and stressed out. But for now all I can do is wait. I also filmed my short graphic recorder promo video and chopped it up in iMovie. I guess one of these days I’ll have to learn Final Cut Pro. I hate to learn new programs.

I got my webmaster, Pat Broderick, to make a few changes to the site which you may have noticed. We got rid of all the ads. I wasn’t making any money off of them and they were always coming up as troubled youth boot camps, feminine hygiene products, or my books on sale for a penny. Screw that! We also got rid of the second page so now if you click on “More Cartoons” you get the archive viewer in a pop up window. Enable your pop-ups! I’ve also been going through my piles of old sketchbooks and pulling out my favorites for the Lloyd Dangle sketchbook, one of my most popular features. Please take a few minutes and click through. Also, keep sending in those donations! Troubletown still delivers more for your entertainment dollar than any other cartoon blog on the web.

Watched Man Inside, which managed to make a daring heist very boring. And Lives of Others which made living in East Germany during the Cold War look very creepy. That’s the kind of country you leftist Marxist Frankfurt School Obama socialists want to turn America into! Bad, very bad!


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