Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Week's Dose of Dangle

God, I’ve been lazy when it comes to blogging. I go through periods where self consciousness overwhelms the masturbatory impulse to share. I haven’t tweeted at all either but more people keep following me.

I’ve been working a lot and traveling for graphic recording gigs. I went to Albuquerque for four days and I’ve been going to LA a lot. I’m in demand. Next weekend I’m doing the sex education conference which is always a blast. Also, all sorts of interesting projects are falling into my lap. For many years I did comics and illustration and did the same damn project over and over. Now I never know what's coming next. I should’ve done this years ago.

I had one of those moments in the airport when I was watching all the people talking on their phones, texting, listening to iPods, and reading from little handheld screens how surreal the world has become. I’ve decided that people hooking into their personal devices is like what smoking used to be. At the beginning of a flight when passengers are told to turn off their personal devices you see them get really pissy about giving up their ear buds. During those unplugged moments they are jumpy and irritable. Then when they’re allowed to go back into their device they’re happy. After a couple generations when these devices have been proven to have killed millions with brain and testicular cancer, only the most hardcore addicts will still be seen standing around outside office buildings texting and checking their email, unsuccessful in their attempts to quit.

Last time I talked to Geoffie he had an idea for a line of women’s clothing somehow based on former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, who Geoff thinks is pretty foxy. In fact he has a thing for her and knows her quite well from some campaign events in which he’s spoken to her directly. I can’t tell you the name of the clothing line. It’s a closely guarded secret, but I can tell you that it will use as its theme music a popular Neil Young song from the 1970s.

I’ve also reconnected with my old golfing buddy Gordy Jones who lives in Orlando, Florida and drives for Papa Johns. He’s thinking about driving a taxi to make some extra money but his wife doesn’t like the idea on account of a number of taxi drivers getting murdered lately in central Florida. Gordy told me he’s an alcoholic. He calls me on my cell phone after he’s had a few beers. Gordy, if you’re reading this, I love you bro!

I’m not going to write about the size of my prostate. That’s just more information than anybody wants to know. But it’s been an adventure. I’m turning 50 in May.

I’ve been reading too many books and watching too many movies to list them. I’ve started sneaking off work and going to see movies during the day. Saw The Fighter. As my son says about the sports movie formula, it was just like Dodgeball.


Blogger Unknown said...

"Old Man"? That's not very sexy sounding, to me, at least.

Oh wait, "the Needle and the Damage Done"! That's not about CLOTHES needles, you know.

Just kidding, it's obvious that it's "Albuquerque." Mmm, country ham.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Bob G said...

hey troubletown guy - I saw The Fighter on work time, too. It would have been worth it off the clock even.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous mtk said...

you owe me for this one .... I was paid $25 an hour as a researcher in NYC in 2000


1:52 PM  

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