Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Favorite Occupy Posters

As you know, I am totally down with the Occupy movement. Even though I'm a corporate hack, I still want to crush the overlords and plutocrats. I've been to Occupy Oakland but in the middle of the afternoon, not at night when the cops do their ass-kicking. I have good reasons to avoid being beaten, shot, and teargassed. I'm an old guy, my body doesn't heal fast anymore, and I'm a coward.

I'm enjoying all the posters that people are making. Designers are foregoing the latest AIGA competitions to crush the corporate elite. I'm all for it. Here are my favorites. Follow the artists' links and buy some of their stuff. I love the two Soviet style ones, they're signed with a groovy little logo, but in searching and searching I couldn't find anyone taking credit for them. If anybody knows tell me so that I can provide a credit and a link.

Chris Shaw

Rich Black

Jermaine Rogers

Eric Drooker


Anonymous Eve said...

Those are by Rich Black. He does the fantastic posters for our literary event series at Pegasus, First Person Singular.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Linda Swihart -- Wabash Mountain Farm said...

Thanks L., I am really glad you do what you do, it is most worthwhile. Thanks, that is all. L. (Linda, one of zillions, or maybe thousands, givwn this name in the 50s.) (Indiana)

6:40 PM  

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