Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Week's Dose of Dangle

Here's a sketch of my writing teacher, Clive Matson. It's unflattering but I like the maniacal quality of it.

Hae went to Miami with her friend Jennifer for a girl’s weekend that somehow turned into a week. She went to South Beach and partied with the fashion mavens and then went to the Everglades and communed with the alligators. Was I jealous? Of course, even though I've been to Florida on drunken spring vacations in college and don't really need to go back.

Oscar and I are hanging out. He has a how-to book on making mini weapons out of popsicle sticks, pens, binder clips and rubber bands. He’s raided my office for the materials. The weapons are catapults and different types of slingshots and he’s doing a good job of following the directions and getting them to work without my help. I tried shooting one and sent a ballpoint pen flying across the room where it stuck into the wall. We’ll keep that a secret from mama. Now he's playing Minecraft with his friend, Clara. He's been asking me all day long what time she was coming over--every fifteen minutes or so. Kids will drive you crazy.

A little sketch of Mittens

There was not much work in January but this week five projects came through. Three of them with Alphachimp, who are awesome to work with, another with Imagineering Company, my favorite gals, and one on my own. Whiteboard and iPad animations, a real animated cartoon, and an infographic. Fun! I love the stress and excitement. Plus I'm going to have a kick ass video reel. I hope that the ones I'm working on now aren't so top secret that they won't let me display them.

A storyboard panel.


Blogger dave™© said...

Wow, never heard of Alphachimp - looks like you'd fit right in! Hope you get a lot of work from them. PS: I miss Troubletown :(

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