Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Troubletown for Your Ears

Not only has Dangle sparked the imagination of a generation of cartoonists, it's remarkable how much music Troubletown has inspired. Everyone from Tom Petty to Ras Midas to mega-church Jesus rockers have sung about the comics you guys love so much.

There's a gal in Seattle, Jenna Conrad, who even named herself Troubletown; my existence always confused her fans. Unfortunately her sound man reports on his blog that, "she has decided to drop Troubletown, and begin performing under the moniker Avians Alight." Ah, too bad, she's starting to sound like one of my &#%* newspapers!...No, really, her voice is haunting, visceral, and has a raw honesty that tears into your heart and leaves it bleeding on the street. Give her a listen and buy her new record.

If chicken-fried hillbilly rock is your thing, check out cut 11 on Bigger than Dallas, and buy the record. It rawks. Tom Petty is one of the lamest musicians ever to slide into a pair of tight pants, but he shows some class singing about Troubletown in the hit, You Wreck Me, for whatever that's worth. If you're a punk like me, you'll dig the Supplicators hit, title, wait for it, Troubletown. It'll make you pierce your cheek and bang your head against a concrete pillar at the Rathskeller. Gugun and the Blues rock out on a live version of their tune, you guessed it, Troubletown, here on Deezer records.


Jamie Marshall's Troubletown is slickly produced and sounds a bit Springsteen and Jackson Browne meet Warren Zevon. Give it a listen. Jamie goes as deep into blues infused jazz rock as anyone playing these days. Buy his record. And speaking of jazzy, I-don't-know-what-kind-of-music-this-is, Vince Bell sounds like he's going to be a mega-star, especially when he's singing about Troubletown. Only a 30-second sample here, you'll have to buy the CD.

Like I said, Ras Midas and I Roy do and extended reggae dance dub, of their tune, Troubletown, but I couldn't find the music, only this video , which is totally sweet. If spiritual music of the non-Rastafarian variety is what you're looking for check out

Ras Midas

Yahweh Music's band Restoration, singing their tune, Troubletown. It will either put you on the Lord's path or have you crying for God to make it stop. The chorus goes like this:
BUT somehow through the smoke and raging din
I hear yahshua’s voice it calls to me from heaven
Seventy times seven ……….
and though I’ve sinned dear father, though I’ve sinned
I have confessed my wretched ways to you right here on holy ground
And your grace delivered me from troubletown
Yahshua delivered me from troubletown

Now that's music.


Anonymous Jamie Marshall said...

Lloyd - thanks for the comments about my song/record "Troubletown" it is the song my band used to use to close our shows with.
Thanks to for linking to my website

With best wishes from Prague, Czech Republic


12:13 AM  

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