Monday, April 10, 2006

Pretty Strange Pat Robertson Clip

You know that feeling when you're watching or listening to a serious news program and suddenly what's coming out of the commentators' mouths crosses the line from what you consider reality and becomes a shrieking surrealist nightmare? You sit there agog, watching their lips moving and jowls bobbling like a scary rubber puppet speaking to you through the television? I guess it's not too unusual these days, is it? Well, here's what I'm talking about: As far as I can tell this is an actual CBS interview with Pat Robertson, but it takes some crazy twists and turns and it ends up with him in a motel room with an attractive brunette, "5'8" sort uh thing" asking her whether she's getting fucked enough. And then he heals her asthma. Somebody let me know if this is an entire fake CBS News website or if maybe I am insane.