Thursday, February 16, 2012

You’ve arrived at Troubletown

This is the former blog of the former comic strip, Troubletown. Thanks for your interest. This blog is now inactive but as the one Swiss fan recently put it, “Troubletown can never die.” True dat. It will exist forever here on the internet. So take your time and enjoy the five-hundred plus posts––each more enjoyable than the last––from the last seven years that the comic strip was in existence. And don’t forget to try your luck at Offendo!

Meanwhile, if you want to see more of my humorous personal bloggings go here: If you want to see my professional website for illustration and graphic recording go here:

The Last Dose of Dangle (Here Anyway)

Life goes on here at the Dangle ranch. The tankless water heater is not working properly. The dishwasher is shot. We have a leak under our sink and the cheap-ass IKEA cabinet is bloated and splitting at the edges. There’s a wire hanging down from above in our front yard. There’s some kind of unexplained phenomena in the bathroom (maybe a ghost) that makes it always smell like pee. The front of the house badly needs a face lift including a replacement for a 1950’s aluminum window unit that leaks all winter. In short, we have about a hundred thousand dollars of repairs to do around here in order to get things up to a reasonable level of repair. Sometimes I wish we rented one of those characterless loft spaces where everything was poured concrete and brushed steel.
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