Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rudy and Hillary in Bed?

Reader and radio personality Dennis Shanahan writes:
I have a 1999 6-panel cartoon with the 'pundit from beyond the pale': showing Rudy Giuliani and Hillary in bed together....awesome! How can I see it again?

When I received this message I could not produce a memory of drawing such a cartoon, but I went into the dank, musty Troubletown archive (temperature-controlled cave under my house) and found it. Here it is from July 20, '99 and 100% true today! (Click on it and you can see it larger.)

Don't Miss Ask a Liar!

We've got a hot new game here at for the whole family to play: Ask a Liar! Some of your favorite government officials, including the president of the United States are standing by LIVE to take your questions. Type a question and you will be answered in REAL time. The fact that these top level Bush officials were willing to cooperate with these inquiries is astounding!

Note: Even though Gonzo is busy packing his trinkets and keepsakes for the long Ryder truck haul back to Texas, he also agreed to provide some frank and honest answers to your questions.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Praise on the Internets Political Humor named Troubletown Told You So number two on their top ten political cartoon books! And a couple of my cartoons are in the #1 book too!

If that's not already an overdose of Dangle praise, check out Scott Butki's inverview on Blogger Critics.

Heartless and Evil?

Thank goodness I'm starting off September on the right foot. By featuring a president Bush so demoralized over his dog resigning and his daughter becoming pregnant out of wedlock that he is temped to drink a bottle of bourbon, I have enraged the caring-for-recovering-alcoholic community. Typical is this response from Joseph Thinn of Featherville, Illinois:

Hello Lloyd~

Would you write something like this about anyone else who was a recovering alcoholic?

Didn't think so.....

Pretty heartless of you.

Hope you repent one day.

~Joseph Thinn

Thank you, Joseph, you're a good man. Actual recovering alcoholics know that the temptation is always there, and so might recognize the truth in the cartoon, but still, perhaps I have crossed the line.

I'd love to hear from others of you on this topic if you can still stand to read this blog after what I've done.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goodbye Rove, Goodbye Gonzo!

More Bushies down. You've got to love it, but still it leaves you feeling kind of empty inside, at least if you're a cartoonist. Here's my cartoon for this week. What do you think, is Jenna pregnant? My sources say she's huge. I guess the abstinence didn't work.